Finding creative solutions to get to the heart of what matters to your market and will really make a difference for your business, is what we are about.

We work across methodologies to ensure you get the deepest, most useful insights available. Our toolbox includes in-person, phone and online research methodologies. (Temporary communities, webcam interviews and online focus groups.)

Besides designing and conducting traditional qualitative research to answer specific business questions, we offer some unique needs-based methodologies.

We Offer:

  • Communication and Strategy Development Work

  • Positioning Research

  • Peer Learning Sessions for Competitive Differentiation, Messaging Development and Overall Growth

    • A proprietary qualitative method specifically for strategic planning around business growth and competitive differentiation. Leveraging peer-to-peer learning, this process offers deep insights into how your customers experience your company, business or brand. Further it identifies the key hooks and pathway to motivate your market and grow your business. This can lead in to quantitative research.

  • InsideTraQ (Agile qualitative)

    • Quick turn, iterative, purpose-designed, fast turn around qualitative. (We’ve been doing this since before it had a name.)

  • Insight Application Workshops

    • A facilitated strategy session which uses insights as a springboard to expand thinking and develop an action plan. This also offers the opportunity to immerse the client team in the insights so they really know their target’s experiences, mindset, needs, wants and desires.

  • Usability Research

    • Technology development related research focusing on the user experience as they interact with software, a website, machinery or other product or service.